To Have & To Hold - Handbags You Need To Have

To Have & To Hold - Handbags You Need To Have

“There is no such thing as too many designer handbags.”

Have you ever considered buying just that one bag and leaving it at that? Promise yourself just one more and that’s it? Well, if you're anything like me, you most likely failed at that. Women enjoy purchasing bags and filling their closets with a variety of handbags. When done well, handbag shopping can be viewed as an art form. No matter how much you might want to, buying every bag you see is neither practical nor affordable. 

Trends change every season, what’s fashionable today might not be desirable tomorrow and we’re wise enough not to go chasing trends and fads every season. So here we are to let you know the timeless bags every handbag aficionado or fashionista needs in their closet no matter how many trends come and go!

  • The Tote

Totes are a necessity and a life-saver in every woman’s collection and chances are you probably already own one, if you don’t then let us tell you why you need it. It is the most oversized bag with no such thing as being too big in your wardrobe that you can carry around with pretty much your whole life inside it. And you can look fantastic while doing it.

 We highly recommend the Manishka by Shubhra Ultimate Pleather Tote Bag - available in a variety of colors, looks chic, and is eco-friendly. 

  • The Sling

Another bag that always has a place in a woman's closet. You can choose a sling bag for days when you do not want to haul around a lot. Sling bags are marketed as the on-the-go bag that allows you to keep your hands free and feet light and

 the best option if you opt to go about your day à la minimalist. We adore the traditional sling bag for its popular appeal. 

Our top picks are definitely Manishka’s “Trapezium Sling” & ”Croissant Sling”  

  • The Shoulder Bags

A matching shoulder bag is a great finishing touch for any woman's ensemble. While some opt to purchase bags in a variety of hues and fabrics for various occasions and seasons, others might just get a single versatile bag. Why do you need a shoulder bag when you already own totes you ask? Shoulder bags are made to hold all the necessities for the day and are compact enough to be carried comfortably under your arm. This bag is perfect if you want a more compact design but don’t want to go for a mini.

We adore the eccentric “Equid Bag”, the fun quirky “Ruched Hobo Bag” and the Elegant “Quilted Sling” from Manishka by Shubhra, take your pick. 

  • The Crossbody

When you need to run errands or meet a friend for a coffee date, they are a perfect size—neither too big nor too small. For many people, a crossbody bag is an ideal choice from day to night due to its versatility, style, and panache. 

Fanny packs have made a comeback with a bang so if you want to embrace your 90s flair, grab Manishka’s “Fanny Packs” to add that flair to your everyday outfit, but you can also go traditional with their “Satchel Bags” that double as a shoulder bag.

  • The Minis

Ditch your evening clutches and go mini. Clutches are more hassle to handle than a mini handbag. Greater mobility is made possible by using a mini; with less to carry, and less to worry about. The hottest accessory of the year, go mini with Manishka’s wonderful collection of minikins such as Dainty, Baguette, Kelly, Knapsack, Studded, and Modish Minikins; you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Happy Hunting!

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