The Mini Mania

The Mini Mania

“It’s all about the Bag”

Whether you refer to it as a mini, micro bag, or tiny bag, you are familiar with the minibag. Mini bags, which are scaled-down copies of their larger versions, are ubiquitous on the catwalk, during Fashion Week, and in everyday life. The concept might seem rather redundant at first - in the age of the iPhone which doubles in size year upon year, what precisely is the point of having a bag that stores so little? Minis are everywhere but how did a bag with such a ridiculously small capacity and functionality become so popular and are they here to stay?

An accessory like a mini bag is fairly self-explanatory and will probably only hold a few necessities. Think of your keys, credit card, and…… that's all. We've moved on from your beloved large shopping bags and totes because right now, the small is big and all the rage. 

The mini bag more than makes up for its lack of space in terms of elegance, though. The teeny-tiny trend has been seen on celebrities, on the streets, and the runway in recent seasons.

What does your Mini tell about you?

Proud owners and wearers of the minibag have a lighthearted, carefree outlook on life that is conducive to traveling lightly and going with the flow. Greater mobility is made possible by using a mini bag; with less to carry, and less to worry about. You can just strap your mini bag on and call it a day, also limiting our collection of everyday necessities to just a few objects, it encourages people to adopt a minimalist lifestyle.

Is it Worth It?

The minis are here to stay and they've dominated the fashion scene because let's face it, smaller bags are easier to carry, lighter, and effortlessly perform the statement-making function, and bag aficionados have abandoned their roomy totes in favor of them. 

Additionally, don't discount our dopamine-inducing desire to wear things that make us happy; happiness is unquestionably the best motivation to partake in any trend, including small bags and fashion should always be fun. 

The Must-Have Minis in Your Closet

Like sparkling diamonds, many amazing things come in small packages, and mini bags are no exception. To get your mini fix, keep scrolling to discover the best mini bags you need to have in your handbag collection for every occasion.

The Party Animal 

The mini may feel most at home at parties and gatherings. A dazzling mini will spark conversation whether it is covered with rhinestones or made of lustrous satin and covered in quirky prints. You should definitely check out the “Snake Print Dainty Minikin” from Manishka By Shubhra with its unique design and geometric shape that makes it an instant conversation starter. It is a unique blend of sophisticated and fun. 

The Vintage Connoisseur

The handbag is more a reflection of the times than any other type of fashion item. It offers a view into the culture at large. And our latest trend of mini handbags is not deprived of a vintage twist and the “Modish Minikin” from Manishka by Shubhra is the perfect example. A handcrafted vegan leather mini with retro styling combines the conventional with the modern. Furthermore, it's the perfect size to hold your basic accessories. 

Petite Pastels

Who can resist the pleasure of a tiny pastel mini in any season? Whether you’re out shopping or on a romantic dinner date, you can never go wrong with pastels. Just what you need to amp up your everyday outfit, the fern green “Baguette Minikin” from Manishka looks extravagant and effortlessly fancy. 

Quirky Tags

Fashion has been slipping into the slightly strange and amusingly bizarre over the past few seasons, and is now moving into the wacky. We’re moving into the whimsical and back to the basics with Manishka's “Knapsack Minikin” which defines quirky with a capital Q. 

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