The Handbag Handbook

The Handbag Handbook

“Behind every successful woman is a fabulous handbag”

Are we really exaggerating when we say we can't live without our handbags? Our handbags are an
essential part of our wardrobe and speak about ourselves louder than words do, --we carry a part of our lives in a small space on our shoulders.

Our daily essentials from wallets, cards, ids, makeup, and keys, it's a portable best friend and savior all in one. Bags are sometimes an absolute necessity because a lot of women's apparel comes with a little to no pocket at all and most are there for show, and it becomes compulsory or obligatory to carry a handbag for just the necessities, so a mini handbag or waist bag fills that gap while making sure all eyes are on you.

Can even one girl or woman truthfully say they ever leave the house without their purse or bags? Come
hell or high water, as long as we have our trusty handbags with us, we can survive anything.

Every girl dreams of having a collection of their own designer handbags but it’s important to know what you want and what to look for. You don’t need to run around shops and stores to buy the perfect handbag that you’ve envisioned wearing with that perfect outfit you’ve selected, you can buy designer handbags online and you might even get unbelievable deals along with great quality products.

We bring you this handbook so that you do not need to scour the internet with descriptions or dip into the depths of Pinterest for inspiration. We, at Manishka by Shubhra, incorporate style and utility in what we offer, we try to keep up with the latest trends while keeping them extremely budget-friendly so you can keep your designer handbags collection updated without burning a hole in your pocket.Read on tok now all about the latest flavor of the season and the must-haves handbags for modern women.

Mini Handbags

One of the best handbags for women this season is hands down, mini handbags. Whether you want to pair it with a fancy attire or a casual outfit, mini handbags are some of the most versatile accessories that you can carry. Not only do they look completely adorable but easier to carry without difficulty or hassle, and they come with enough room for your cards, cash, keys, and small necessities. You can choose a leather one, a studded mini handbag, or a printed one, your options are vast and varied.

Fanny Packs

Fanny packs are back in business. This popular 90s-style statement is back and looks like it's here to stay. One of the most stylish handbags that you must own, a fanny pack makes any outfit stand out and pairs well with most contemporary styles and outfits. Intended to be worn across the front of the body with curved straps and more customizable features, this season’s hottest and most trendy handbags are the fanny packs. Moreover, they perfectly transition from day to night, from work to clubbing.

Sling Bags

Have sling bags ever gone out of style? When in doubt about what to pair with your outfit, choose a sling bag. These classic bags come in a plethora of colors and styles that you just might go a little crazy about while choosing the perfect one. You can wear a sling with a classic LBD, an elaborate evening gown, or a casual pair of jeans and a t-shirt to spice it up.

Satchel Bag

Move over from big bulky satchels and embrace the small satchel bag. These small handbags shaped like a box are the ultimate bold piece to add charm to your outfit. It is a must-have in your handbag collection because it makes the perfect in-between compromise for when you want to carry more than just essentials in a sling and don’t want to lug around a messenger bag. Most satchels also come with adjustable shoulder straps that can be detached when you just want a cute handbag to compliment your outfit.

Cloud Bag

A slouchy bag with a statement clunky chain belt is a great combination of trendy and luxury. A cloud bag is a great choice if you want casual but stylish handbags and will definitely be an eye-catcher. It’s the best lightweight handbag to buy and offers considerable space for you to carry around what you like, and not to forget that it has a zip closure and no flaps for easy access.

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