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Manishka is your one-stop destination for all your luxury lifestyle craving and needs. We bring you the perfect combination of trendy and designer handbags online.

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Manishka - Your one-stop luxury handbags destination “Excellent Craftsmanship that compliments YOU!”

A story to tell, a wish to add character, a distinctive fashion statement, or a touch of luxury & sophistication, we provide all. Passion, Creativity, Versatility, and unparalleled craftsmanship is at the heart of our brand. Our designer handbags, crafted by the best in the business and created using superior and eco-friendly materials add value, art and refinement to your collection. 

Manishka’s exclusive collection of designer handbags are curated keeping in mind the quintessential modern women, the fashionistas, the everyday working women, the carefree wanderer, the partygoer. It is our dream to provide a bit of your character shining through your handbags and pieces that speak for you. 

Our designer handbags are crafted keeping in mind fashion trends and styles that rule the runways and the streets. Our pieces are made to meet a particular aesthetic and look and our collection offers a range of designs, styles and patterns that you can choose from according to your needs and requirements such as 

Luxury Mini Handbags - The current ultimate fashion statement and the height of minimalist luxury for women.

Designer Crossbody Bags - The chic versatility and functionality of a designer crossbody bag is unparalleled and a great inclusion to any woman's wardrobe.

Designer Satchel Bags - The staple handbag you need in your closet and the sleek hassle-free must-have go-to bag for any occasion. 

Designer Messenger Bags - The working woman’s dream bag. An exquisite companion for your professional life.

Tote Bags - Lightweight vegan leather designer totes for you to carry more than just the basics around in style and comfort.

luxury Sling Bags -  Stylish, petite, yet spacious enough to hold all of your essentials while on the road. 

Designer Saddle Bags - A unique style statement handcrafted with sturdy vegan leather that looks and feels timeless.